​2010 - 2012

Like skin forming over muscle and bone the “Calaveritas” series began in an organic manner.  Every piece is part of another and all these pieces together began with a sensation, a quest, random encounters, thousands of answers with millions of questions arising. I realize where my obsession is driving me so I add casualty, first-hand experiences, and future events to the mix of questions. 

Laughing, weeping, silence, awakening. 

Suddenly these thoughts (questions?) and ideas converge and a creative process starts.  These questions will not be answered through a thought process.  A nameless entity within me is now in charge.  A soul process which is far from perfect: mistakes are made.  I distance myself from the process in order to cannel the true meaning.  I face the challenge of creation and now I feel Existence in its entire splendor.

Queen if Hearts takes birth!  Main figure in the“Calaveritas” series, in which Death is the grand show

Death as pop culture -  Death as the road to never-ending life...

Death transcends and laughs; no matter how Death happens, once it happens I feel I will be surrounded by the greater peace. 

"I" walk with Death.  Together we approach the people, seeking for smiles that communicate and assure us that everything will be alright!

The  “Calaveritas”  series came to life through the “Amor Eterno”collection.  “Amor Eterno” was the result of one of the numerous sensations perceived on my travellings through my city, or any given city...  At the beginning I could not find the appropriate way to classify these emotions.  I became keenly observant of the cultural aspects, questioned them thoroughly, as my heart beats encompassed with every footstep I took.  There it was!  Could that be the answer?  I found revelation through the pictures on the walls, paintings on street murals, art covering the skin of the people in my world.  Yes, this was the answer: Grafittis and Tattooes.   

I constantly seek because my curiosity will not be satiated. 

There is so much out there, so much to speak of !  I focus on one theme: classic tattooes.  The ones carried by soldiers on their arms, that spoke about distant love.  Eternal love, deadly love.  I came across the tattoos of “Amor Eterno” and that’s when I stumbled upon the symbols which disturbed me the most: skulls.  The only way to neutralize my fear of Death and its symbols was to approach them with a sensitive touch and granting myself no rest while I was at it:

- Death in my culture, how is Death seen and perceived in other cultures, the philosophy and significance of Death in ancient cultures.  Oriental philosphies, the physics of Death, its manifestation through time, changes, transition, my ancestors, my religion

- I also involved other valid perspectives: Counterculture, Uncertainty, Consumerism and Popular Cultural References

Pop is everywhere and this is where I find the answers:  in the street, people, in music, in sound and noise, the quips and popular sayings, in slang, the smells, the shapes and the color

Finally I arrive to my destiny, ART that makes us Immortal. "Calaveritas" was born!

Tati Ossa