Tati Ossa



Miniature construction bricks (1cm x 1cm), painted with industrial enamel.

Wanderings, my steps, documented through thousands of photographic instants which I have saved in my computer.  A plethora of thoughts I’ve had in the past, dance in my mind as I sit in front of the monitor watching the photos: these thoughts will not be translated into words but into feelings that emerge through shape, light and color. 

Hours of observation later I select.  Shifting the actual sizes of these selected images, some are blown up and others turn into tiny squares, creates stories that, for some reason or for “no-reason” permeate my soul.     

​Days slide by… 

​​I stay away from the computer.  It all begins with the grouping of 64 tiny bricks (in arrays of 8 rows, 8 columns).  This allows me to execute the delicate phase of painting on them and later to fragmentation.  Fine tip brushes, a magnifying glass and numerous cans of paint surround me.  I feel the photographs becoming alive on my hands.  Extremely detailed sensations of movement and control.  I glide into another dimension:

Reality -  Mirages -  Dreams -  Illusions.

Inside this new found dimension  there’s only silence. I see the Gems exhibited in a grand, confined space.  Darkness.  In the back of the room only a few independent bulbs light each art piece as a spotlight would do to a celebrity’s aura.

Each painting is a gem concealing a particular memento of life, a treasure kept inside a glass urn which  can only be reached, in a visual dazzle, with the help of a strategically placed magnifying glass.

A whole story in each teeny-tiny painting. 

I invite YOU to enter into the detailed creation of these life gems and allow your imagination navigate within them and create your own experience.