Tati Ossa


Born and raised in a feverishly beautiful place :


There has been violence before me. There will be violence after I’m gone. A cycle broken at times, in spirit, by the force of the hard working individuals whom strive for balance in my Country, in my World.

Abundance / Hardship

As a child I experienced the delicate yet strong nature of life itself.  We went from abundance to hardship, from tranquility to turbulence. An extreme situation that forced my family to move away from a past life into an unknown territory. A bitter situation that would eventually establish as an exhaustive search for answers to the incessant questions that arise in my heart.



A change in me, deeply rooted in fear, became a passionate transformation awakening my consciousness of being human. 

My attention and thoughts had now been diverted into a manner of obsessive observation of the human behavior. I began and continue with myself, with my own actions, effects, thoughts and reflections. How painful sleep becomes through nightmares! How joyful dreams can be!

Recognizing the contradiction within me increases my curiosity about the mysterious ways of human behavior.  How much truth in a lie?  How much lies in a truth?  A fierce battle between what we say and what we really mean. 

My Art

The path of self-recognition directs my steps outside of myself. I am always curious about me. I am always curious about US

The need of communicating my deep feelings pushed me to change my life. Art as the path I chose to wander in. Art as the genesis of the voice within me: a whisper that became a scream.

I now face the deepest realms in me, searching for primal knowledge.  Solitude as a state of body and mind.  Intimacy as a yearning for the elusive.  Fear as motivation.  Courage as redemption.  Freedom as the absolute blessing.

 My Quest 

Being human, humane or just a human being. 

Life Death - Reality / Illusion - Materiality Vacuity - Joy Disenchantment Intimacy / Incompatibility - Pride / Humbleness - Comfortability Uneasiness - Concern Indifference - Presence / Confusion - Sense / Nonsense - Existence / No Existence - Love... No-Love...

Who are we? What are we?

Questions will never end. Answers will be infinite. My work will never stop.


TATI Ossa  ( CLARA I. Ossa )

Master of Fine Art