Tati Ossa

​one hundred & twenty-seven days...

- Under my skin - 


Miniatures, painted with industrial enamel, on pieces of wood disposed of at construction sites.

Primer: water & cement.

Diluent: gasoline.

In a grand, empty space each painting has its own place. 

Each piece acts independently. 

Tender light... Eyes as witness of an ephemeral intimacy...

THERE WERE ONE HUNDRED & TWENTY SEVEN DAYS! One Hundred and Twenty Seven days, lived and felt along its twenty-four hours each...

One by one of these nude gems whisper a tiny story... a delicate instant of life.

"One Hundred & Twenty Seven Days" started as an immersion in observation of "ME" (we, humans) and the "CITY" where I live in.  Questions emerged: Where do "I" live, what´s "my" role here, where do "I" come from?... Who am "I"? ... How do "I" feel? What is it that "I" want? What about "our" hopes and needs? And above all, how do we vibrate together with the place where we live? 

The hunger for answers guided me, with eyes wide open, through the heart and soul of my city.

I kept a diary.  The words in it became an urgent inspiration that I had to translate into painting.  An autobiographic piece that started off as a series of portraits, in a medium format, and then shifted into miniature nudes of flesh that melted with the cement of my city.

The essence of my city and my intimacy!  My intimacy... Who am I? Who are we? ... How do I feel? ...

An alluring blend of violence and glory of my city, under my skin...