People watching is refreshing.  I get easily caught up by the movement in the street.  Shuffling feet trying to get somewhere on time, the palm trees swaying with the wind.  Shapes that shift, a water puddle that gets stepped on.  Colors shift too, depending on the current mood of natural lighting. 

Sights and sounds flood my senses.  There are answers in these sights and sounds.  With a camera in my hands I recognize that it’s the Presence of Life in every sense which moves me deeply.      

Among all these images of faces, places, details and capturing them lies an intention: observing others in their own creative process. 

The others, who like me, vibrate, live, and pulse with the city. 

The others, these strangers, as I am to them, shed their anonymity, becoming familiar, when I see them again, as I scroll through the photos in my computer.

"I" AM part of these “OTHERS”. 

I shoot my camera and sometimes people shoot back.  Is there a hidden intention? 

There is no hidden intention, only the fundamental recognition of who we are.  Those are my favorite photographs.  My camera becomes the path and the final results are my destination.  There´s no formal intention with these captures, I feel the necessity to have them.  An impulse in which privacy remains carefully untouched.  I rejoice with the pulse of a live city, a curious electricity that guides my motivations.

Life in any city conveys a multitude of meanings. Allegories are drawn before me and I allow them to reveal their reality.  I feel them.  They communicate new truths, almost in a spiritual level.  These powerful images seek to end the high dose of the tragically painful images in the press which roughen my soul... Only my soul?...

There is another reality... there are thousands of realities... there are millions of realities, and many more...

I choose to celebrate Life through my photographs.  This is my reality that now I share it with you all.

Tati Ossa