Tati Ossa

2011 -  . . .

QUEEN OF HEARTS: a worldwide virtual exhibition


Introducing QUEEN OF HEARTS Virtual Exhibition, a series of paintings, to the digital world through a free app found on the Internet.  A montage of my work, virtual representations of the series "Calaveritas", being displayed in different locations around the world.

QUEEN OF HEARTS is the main figure in a series called "Calaveritas".  The impact of a random tattoo image fulfilled my desires to communicate different aspects of my life.  My questioning about Life, Death and Materiality were given hints and through this work.    What else is there?  Changes that Death brings, Transcendence, EqualityCourage in dealing with Life, courage when looking at Death.  My feelings and fears.  This is my place.

I sought for more images, with a desire of possessing them.  Once found they went through a reinterpretation process in a materialized elaboration.  I, then and now, exhibit them in a Virtual Exhibition that can last forever.

The "Calaveritas" series has been worked on pieces of steel, found at different construction sites.  Crafted in a small format and industrial enamel has been used as pictographic material.

QUEEN OF HEARTS, as a Virtual Exhibition, showcases the other characters which complete the series. 

All these characters, QUEEN OF HEARTS included, have been “adopted” from diverse “spaces” on the Internet.  Chosen for their unique ability of transmitting the thoughts I’d had once: the questioning, my investigations, what I learned and what I felt.  These powerful characters have been reinterpreted through my painting, my Art.  Each one of them has become an extremely valuable collector’s objects of my property.

QUEEN OF HEARTS takes the world by storm as digital reproductions of the series are “exhibited” virtually all around the globe.  Always on the move, never still.  Once QUEEN OF HEARTS has been established my speech shifts. It is now populated by other areas of humanity:  Omnipresence – Permanence – Multiplicity – Truth – Illusion.

New media as the swiftest broadcasting outlet.  The “truth” is revealed and “nothing” is what it seems. 

QUEEN OF HEARTS has gone worldwide!  Through manipulation and my desires it achieves “fame”. It´s an illusion...

Is it only an illusion ?